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Insta360 X3 filenames are different than ONE X2 filenames

I did not expect to need to make any changes to my Insta360 ONE X2 filename article, but it looks like things have changed in the new X3 model. The files are no longer compatible (reading a ONE X2 memory car in an X3 will report corrupt files), and some of the names have been changed.

A quick one is the LRV (Low Resolution Video) files. On the ONE X2, they would be named like this:


You could open that in any video player, since it was an MP4 file.

But on the X3, the LRV files are named like this:


With the Insta360 Studio plugin installed, my Mac recognizes them as an INSV file but cannot preview them. Just like with normal .insv files, you can add .mp4 to the end and then at least open/view them.

More to come, I expect…

Insta360 X3 firmware v1.0.04 available

The previous firmware was not posted to, but this one is:

In case you cannot update from the app, you can manually upgrade that way.

Release notes:

  1. Improved system stability
  2. Optimized color for both 360 and Single-Lens video modes
  3. Optimized color for both 360 and Single-Lens photo modes
  4. Optimized Active HDR quality
  5. Optimized color for 8K timelapse feature
  6. Optimized Airpods connectivity
  7. Optimized image quality with Lens Guards installed

I hope this addresses some of the crashes, lockups and other odd things I’ve encountered with v1.0.00.

Please report any bugs you find for inclusion on my X3 firmware bug list.

Insta360 X3 firmware bug list


  • 2022-09-21 – Added link to firmware. Added placeholder for 1.0.04 release.
  • 2022-09-25 – open WiFi.

The new InstaX3 was announced on 9/8/2022, and made instantly available on Amazon. It shipped with beta firmware, but had a 1.0.00 update available to install during activation.

If you have found any bugs, please leave a comment with the version and details and I will add them to this list. As workarounds are discovered, I will update this list.

As a new version of firmware is released, these bugs will be re-tested. When they work for some, and not for others, a note will be added to that effect.

Latest X3 firmware:


Initially, the camera shipped with pre-1.0.00 beta software. It would prompt to upgrade to 1.0.00 on activation from the app.

2022-9-9 – v1.0.00

  • TBAvarious crashes, settings being changed, etc.

2022-09-19 – v1.0.04

  • TBA
  • Open WiFi – a poorly implemented WiFi system has the camera broadcast itself as a WiFi hotspot to anyone within range, and allows users that know the default WiFi password all X3 cameras have to access and download any files on the memory card from a web browser… or worse. (Suggested by commenter, yt)

Insta360 X3 speed benchmarks

Firmware v1.0.00

Raw notes… will be cleaned up and made purty with more details, soon.

X3: up to 30 seconds between taking photos via app, and more timing notes.

Some notes on timing, for those who want to compare against your existing camera. This is with the current firmware that the camera will install when you activate it (v1.0.00). Recommended Sandisk Extreme 32GB card.

App (on iPhone 13 Pro):

360 Photo, 72MP, 2:1 – there is nearly 4-5 second delay between the time you press the on screen button and the time the X3 clicks. It takes a total of about 15 seconds before the UI updates and you can take the next photo.

360 Photo, 18MP, 2:1 – 4-5 delay, and a total of about 9 seconds.

360 HDR Photo – 3-4, then about 13 seconds total.

150 Photo, 36MP, 16:9 – 3-4, about 11 seconds total.

150 Photo, 9MP, 16:9 – 3-4, about 8 seconds total.

I did have one instance where it took almost 30 seconds to be ready for the next shot.

Camera Button:

Using the button on the camera is almost instant (within a second) and ready for the next photo in about 6-7 seconds total.

In 360 Photo mode, 72MP, pressing the button on the camera makes the click sound between 2-3 seconds later, and it takes a total of 14 seconds before the screen comes back on for the next photo.

In 360 Photo mode, 18MBP, it takes about a second to take the picture, and a total of about 5-6 before you can take the next shot.

In 360 HDR Photo mode, 18MP, it takes about a second to take the picture, and a total of 9-10 seconds before you can take the next shot.

Some of this feels like the timer is on, which isn’t being shown in the app or on the camera. earlier, I used the Quick button and had selected that mode. It seems it may be remembering settings that have since been turned off.

More to come…

Insta360 X3 also has the same open WiFi and root telnet as the ONE X2

Earlier this week, Insta360 introduced a new camera – the X3. The X3 is the latest 360 action camera, and builds upon the feature set of the ONE X2 which came before it (and the ONE X before it, and so on).

Insta360 X3

One of the features that was brought over from the ONE X2 is the unprotected WiFi hotspot that is active any time the camera is powered up. This allows anyone within WiFi range the ability to connect to the camera and browse (or download) any photos or videos that are stored on it:

In addition to this, telnet is still enabled, with the root account having no password. Just telnet to that IP address and log in as root to have full access to the camera’s file system:


It is disappointing to see this unsecure access method continued in the next generation of their camera, but the company has posted that they are aware of this and are working on it.

Let’s hope it is fixed before the X4 is released…

Insta360 X3 360 camera released

Today, Insta360 released their new X3 360 camera:

This is the fourth camera in their popular (?) ONE X line, which began with the ONE, followed by the ONE X, then the ONE X2.

The new camera drops the “ONE” name, so it’s not just an X3. This is good because everyone called the “ONE X2” just X2 anyway.

I’ll share more details soon, including details on if this model has the same open WiFi and password-less telnet root access that the ONE X2 has.