Insta360 X3 filenames are different than ONE X2 filenames

I did not expect to need to make any changes to my Insta360 ONE X2 filename article, but it looks like things have changed in the new X3 model. The files are no longer compatible (reading a ONE X2 memory car in an X3 will report corrupt files), and some of the names have been changed.

A quick one is the LRV (Low Resolution Video) files. On the ONE X2, they would be named like this:


You could open that in any video player, since it was an MP4 file.

But on the X3, the LRV files are named like this:


With the Insta360 Studio plugin installed, my Mac recognizes them as an INSV file but cannot preview them. Just like with normal .insv files, you can add .mp4 to the end and then at least open/view them.

More to come, I expect…

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