Halloween Projects

Coming “soon”? … a bunch of Halloween projects dealing with control systems, DMX lighting, show programming, etc…

  • VenueMagic show control software.
    • Cheap multi-channel audio device.
    • Cheap digital input (switches, pressure mats, etc.) device.
    • Cheap USB DMX interface.
  • Multi-channel audio player box.
  • WiFi trigger forĀ Sprite video player box.

…and more.

DMX Effect Lighting without a Computer

One of my side projects is doing custom effect lighting for haunted houses. I customize a $100 off-the-shelf DMX playback device with effect loops (flickering candles, fire, sparks, etc.) so they can install one box in their haunt and just tune the DMX lights in different rooms to different channels to get the desired effect. No computer required! Cheaper and less downtime. Here is the original presentation I did…