MM/1 OSK Products

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Information about the products we offered for the Interactive Media Systems MM/1 computer which ran Microware OS-9/68000.

Also, Ed Snider has produced a run of SCSI-to-SD card interfaces, which can work with the MM/1 to eliminate the need of a SCSI hard drive.

MM/1 (OS-9/68000, K-Windows)

  • Checkbook+ OSK by Joel Hegberg
  • EthaGUI by Joel Hegberg
  • MiniBannersOSK by Allen C. Huffman (ported by Joel Hegberg)
  • MegaBanners by Allen C. Huffman (using MFONTS by Joel Hegberg)
  • TowelOSK by Allen C. Huffman
  • Write-Right by Joel Hegberg

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4 thoughts on “MM/1 OSK Products

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  2. Bernie Besherse

    Hi Allan,
    I tried to connect with you on LinkedIn, but I so rarely use that beast I don’t know if it will work.
    I was a coco-3 devotee until I got my MM-1.
    I used Telewriter 128 until the Canadian man (I forgot his name) wrote the word processor for the MM-1.
    I left Alaska and I’m now in Panama, and setting up to build and operate a Holistic Health Center. My goal is to tie all of the operations together on RadiSys computers, running some flavor of OS9 or OSK, and I’m looking for the computer man to make it happen.
    I have been doing my own work as a religious court judge for almost 20 years, and for the 11 years before that, I worked on the Alaska State Ferries.
    Anyway, I would at least like to open a dialog with you on what is needed for us to operate a medical service center, including linking electronic diagnostic and treatment devices, database of clients, retail sales, and inventory control, all with the security and flexibility of OS-9.
    I have been a bit down, lately, not being able to find RadiSys on the Internet, but if you know where they can be found, and if their products (or even the company) is for sale, then I would appreciate some expertise in that area, too.
    But I ramble on and on.
    I’m glad that the spirit of the CoCo is still alive, and also that some of the CoCoHolics have maintained their skills in the business world with C and with OS-9.
    Many thanks!
    My SkypeID is: paraclete45

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