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A few words on the subject of Sub-Etha Software

Sub-Etha Software was formed in 1990 by myself, Allen C. Huffman, and Terry S. Todd. Our goal was to sell software for the Tandy/Radio Shack Color Computer 3 (the “CoCo”). Our products were advertised in computer magazines, and sold at various CoCoFest conventions held in Chicago, Atlanta and Des Moines.

On this site you can learn about the products we sold for:

In 1995 I accepted a job with Microware Systems Corporation, the company that created the OS-9 operating system. Due to conflict of interests, Sub-Etha Software ceased operations at that time.

Later that 1995 I started my first personal home page, hosted for free by GeoPages.com (later renamed to GeoCities.com). It contained a history page on Sub-Etha, as well as pages for many of my hobbies and interests, including the CoCo and OS-9. A mirror of that site as it was in January 1999 can be seen on the Internet Archive.

By 1997 I had migrated that site to Delphi, a text-based online service that was in the process of migrating to the world wide web. Here is an archive of that site from that year.

During those years, a renamed Sub-Etha SoftWEAR would appear at CoCoFests offering non-interest conflicting items such as T-shirts, buttons and even a book.

In 2001, my job with Microware ended. I was able to return to using OS-9 as a hobby. I registered www.os9al.com.

Welcome to my new site! As of today, I am no longer employed with Microware which gives me the freedom to go back to doing something that I really enjoyed: being an OS-9 hobbyist! Welcome to my new site. I hope you find the information here useful. My goal is to let this site become a portal to all OS-9 knowledge on the web. Your first stop, of course, should always be the official Microware Systems Corporation home page. Thanks for stopping by!

— my first post on July 18, 2001

I also set up a subsection of that site for the newest Sub-Etha Software items – some simple Perl scripts I had written. You can still visit that old section, preserved as it was in the early 2000s.

In August 2005 I started my first podcast and created a website just for that. I soon had seven different audio podcasts covering Disney theme parks, the Toyota Prius, Midwest Renaissance festivals, the upcoming Apple iPhone, wine making and more. I created a half dozen video podcasts as well. While I haven’t posted a new podcast episode in years, I continued a few of the video ones on YouTube.

In 2007, I moved the Sub-Etha Software section to its own domain, www.subethasoftware.com. I also began an Apple-related site called www.appleause.com. I had been introduced to Arduino by a coworker and started posting projects about them over there.

In 2012, I decided to move all Arduino content to this site and that started the “new” Sub-Etha Software, blogging mostly about Arduino and C programming.

Around 2015, I set my CoCo system back up and began the process of archiving over 400 floppy diskettes, SCSI hard drives and IDE Compact Flash cards to the new CoCoSDC interface. This led me to writing my first new CoCo software and articles in many years.

Hopefully that trend will continue. And speaking of continuing…

To be continued…

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    1. Allen Huffman

      Hey Carl – great to hear from you. You just missed the CoCoFEST! Brian Shubring (Glenside MIDI guy) had your Defeater and a copy of Photon. It would have been nice to have you there to re-show us how to use that. Drop me an e-mail sometime!


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