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The second version of the Sub-Etha logo.
The second version of the Sub-Etha logo.

Sub-Etha Software was started in 1990 by Allen Huffman and Terry Todd. It originally sold software for the Tandy/Radio Shack TRS-80 Color Computer (CoCo), both for Disk BASIC (RS-DOS) and Microware’s OS-9 Level 2. A few years later, Joel Hegberg joined and operated the OSK Midwest Division based in DeKalb, Illinois. This expanded Sub-Etha’s offerings to programs for the Interactive Media Systems MM/1 computer, which ran OS-9/68000 (OSK).

Sub-Etha was mostly a mail-order business, advertising in Rainbow magazine, the leading CoCo publication of the era. It also sold products in person at CoCo conventions held in Atlanta, Chicago, Des Moines and Pennsylvania.

Sub-Etha also later sold programs written by Carl England, and Nick Johnson of N*Johnson Software.

Details on the history of Sub-Etha Software will be posted to this page.

Rainbow Magazine Ad History:

The links lead to scans of the magazine on Archive.org.

  • November 1990 – page 79. MultiBasic and ShadowBBS, by by Terry Todd. Interestingly, we shared the page with a review of Sprite-BASIC by Joel Hegberg. We met Joel at the CoCoFEST! and would start selling his software. He ran our OSK Midwest Division for the MM/1 software.
  • December 1990 – page 42. “Happy Holidays From”. MiniBanners by Allen Huffman, and MultiBasic and ShadowBBS by Terry Todd. We specifically asked for page 42, though they encouraged us not to. All ads typically were on the right side page so they were noticed. When only did this one. Prices were discounted by $5.
  • January 1991 – page 67. “Happy New Year From”.
  • February 1991 – page 59.
  • March 1991 – page 39. We added used floppy disk drives, and CheckBook+ by Joel Hegberg.

We were supposed to run six issues with our contract, but we did not have the money to continue and switched our focus to vending at the various CoCoFESTs instead.

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