Insta360 Dolby Vision Enhanced comparison


  • 2024-04-20 – Added longer single-lens example.

I do not know how long this has been in the Insta360 mobile app, but when I was exporting an X4 clip today I noticed an option to enable “Dolby Vision Enhancement.”

Dolby Vision Enhanced

After transcoding, the details of the surface are significantly enhanced, enhancing the light and shadow effects and the sense of presence of the video, and presenting a more realistic color rendition of the real-life scenes.

I was unfamiliar with this, and looked it up on the wikipedia:

…and the official website…

Does it really do anything beyond playing with colors? The Insta360 already has Color Plus and Clarity Plus to play with. I decided to do a quick test of the same Skylapse clip with and without Dolby Vision Enhancement:

Well, it’s bluer, at least. Now that I am aware of this option, I will do some more tests with other footage I have shot. Exporting from the mobile app does not offer the higher bitrate that the desktop Insta360 Studio has, but if this feature is in the desktop app, I could not locate it.

Here is a longer test, shot in single-lens mode:

More to come… Please leave a comment if you use this mode and tell us why.

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