AI Music: SUNO versus UDIO

About a week ago, YouTube decided to show me this video:

While I was aware that AI-generated music was a thing, I had no idea it had gotten this good.

I signed up and spent the next few days playing with SUNO. It produced some pretty amazing and surprising results.

Then, a few days ago, I was shown a video speculating on some new AI music generator that was about to be announced. The claim was it would be 2X better than SUNO.

Yesterday, that service was launched — UDIO (like studio with the ST I guess?). It was down most of the day (overloaded) but late last night I got to play with it, mostly letting it produce random lyrics and tunes

Here is an UDIO generated song about being in love with a VCR:

Udio looks quite promising, with some features missing from SUNO (like the ability to extend a song and add to the START; SUNO allows you to extend from a time code, only).

Initial testing did not let me make any “complete song” like I have been doing with SUNO, but I expect this must be possible with enough attempts – their gallery is full of them.

Vocal quality of Udio is stunning. SUNO sounds great most of the time, but there is an auto-tune/harmonizer digital sound on vocals sometime. I have not heard that yet on any of the dozens of things I have had Udio create.

The music sounds good, but SUNO seems to generate more “wow, I like this song” tracks than Udio. The three “songs” I had SUNO make are just kind of drifting melodies, with no clear chorus or hook or anything. I have certainly heard songs like that, but right now I’d give SUNO the advantage of making “actual songs” versus tunes.

Check them both out and see what you think.

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