Perl Scripts

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Details on the Sub-Etha Software Perl scripts will be posted to this page. For now, you can visit the circa 2001 edition of this website and read about and download them:

Perl Scripts

  • (Updated! 2/7/2004) Whos On Now? v1.2 – (I don’t know… THIRD BASE!) this script replaces a service like AddFreeStats’ In Live! by giving you a count of how many visitors are currently on your site. The script will log every access by IP address and time stamp, then output how many visitors have loaded that page within a specified amount of time. It will display either “There is/are X visitor(s) currently on the site.” or “There have/has been X visitor(s)s within the past Y second(s)/minute(s)/hour(s).” with the appropriate pluralization (visitor/visitors, minutes/minute, seconds/second). Even AddFreeStats doesn’t do that! The new 1.2 release supports hours (“last 24 hours” or “last 1 hour and 30 minutes”).
  • (NEW! 9/8/2001) Points v1.0 – this simple script may be of interest to dieters. It calculates the “point value” of various food items based on calories, fat, and fiber.
  • (Updated! 8/8/2001) Borderlines v1.1 – based on an old rotating quote system from a BBS package in the 1980s, this cute little script allows site visitors to post one-liners which you can display randomly on one of your pages (requires SSI). IP address is logged and there is a special admin mode to view the complete set of borderlines including IP address. SysOp can now delete entries, too. I like this one!
  • (NEW! 8/4/2001) Guess Game – a simple CGI game I wrote the other night to practice PERL. You can configure the script to a range (1-10, 1-1000) and then the user tries to guess the magic random number. Heh.

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