10 minutes of Insta360 X4 VR 360 video

From my Park Hopping site, here is ten minutes of Insta360 VR 360 video.

I set the camera in various places using a Best360 tripod I purchased on Amazon. I set the camera to 8K 360 video mode and just clicked record. No manual settings – just automatic mode.

The only “editing” of the video was putting the clips together in Final Cut Pro’s 360 video editor, adding some transitions, and some overlay text. I did no color corrections or enhancements. These are the files exported out of the Insta360 desktop app and then brought into a Final Cut Pro 360 video timeline in 8K.

YouTube renders the video down to 4K, it seems, so I guess we can’t share 8K video on YouTube yet…

4/28/2024 – Butterfly Palace, Branson MO USA

More to come…

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