Insta360 X3 firmware bug list


  • 2022-09-21 – Added link to firmware. Added placeholder for 1.0.04 release.
  • 2022-09-25 – open WiFi.
  • 2022-11-12 – The default password can now be changed in the app.

The new InstaX3 was announced on 9/8/2022, and made instantly available on Amazon. It shipped with beta firmware, but had a 1.0.00 update available to install during activation.

If you have found any bugs, please leave a comment with the version and details and I will add them to this list. As workarounds are discovered, I will update this list.

As a new version of firmware is released, these bugs will be re-tested. When they work for some, and not for others, a note will be added to that effect.

Latest X3 firmware:


Initially, the camera shipped with pre-1.0.00 beta software. It would prompt to upgrade to 1.0.00 on activation from the app.

2022-9-9 – v1.0.00

  • TBAvarious crashes, settings being changed, etc.

2022-09-19 – v1.0.04

  • TBA
  • Open WiFi – a poorly implemented WiFi system has the camera broadcast itself as a WiFi hotspot to anyone within range, and allows users that know the default WiFi password all X3 cameras have to access and download any files on the memory card from a web browser… or worse. (Suggested by commenter, yt)

6 thoughts on “Insta360 X3 firmware bug list

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    1. Allen Huffman Post author

      Valid, though I think insta360 sees this as an intentional feature. I do admit is is a convenient way to download images off my camera. I am batch downloading SIX files concurrently right now, and their app doesn’t do that. I can’t imagine that’s any faster, but it means I can just connect to the camera, open a web page, and right click download all the files and go do something else.


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