Insta360 X3 also has the same open WiFi and root telnet as the ONE X2


Earlier this week, Insta360 introduced a new camera – the X3. The X3 is the latest 360 action camera, and builds upon the feature set of the ONE X2 which came before it (and the ONE X before it, and so on).

Insta360 X3

One of the features that was brought over from the ONE X2 is the unprotected WiFi hotspot that is active any time the camera is powered up. This allows anyone within WiFi range the ability to connect to the camera and browse (or download) any photos or videos that are stored on it:

In addition to this, telnet is still enabled, with the root account having no password. Just telnet to that IP address and log in as root to have full access to the camera’s file system:


It is disappointing to see this unsecure access method continued in the next generation of their camera, but the company has posted that they are aware of this and are working on it.

Let’s hope it is fixed before the X4 is released…

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