Erico’s CoCo revamp of the 1K ZX81 game

Earlier in December, @BASIC10Liners on Twitter retweeted a tweet from Tony Lyon. The original tweet contained a photograph of a ZX81 BASIC program listing found in ‘Computer & Video Games’ magazine. The game ran on a 1K machine, and was a Space Invaders-style game, featuring a single invader.

This tweet was picked up and shared in the Tandy CoCo group on Facebook, and led to a number of folks porting it over to the CoCo. Jim Gerrie also ported it to the MC-10:

Jim also did the research to find the issue that the full article appeared in:

For the past few weeks, folks have been sharing optimizations and game improvements on Facebook, and I wanted to highlight one in particular.

Erico Monteiro is known for doing some impressive graphics work using the 8-color 64×32 resolution “mode” of the CoCo. He took the basic framework of the game, then sped it up and added new colors, animations and features.

David Healey, if you are out there, thank you for inspiring so many with your 1981 ZX81 program in that magazine…

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