Most-viewed articles of 2021

Here is a snapshot of the most-viewed articles on this site for 2021. Some of these even had dozens of views.

The most popular article continues to be my writeup on using a cheap ESP8266 module as a WiFi modem via a .99 cent RS-232/TTL adapter.

Several of my C programming articles top the charts as well, including simple things like how to split up a 16-bit value into two 8-bit values.

My “fix” for Arduino Ethernet has dropped down a few places, after being one of the most-viewed articles for years since I first published it. Perhaps they have finally updated the library to support multiple connections from the same IP address so my hack is not needed.

Even my bicycle LED POV light page (which hasn’t been updated in years) still shows up.

And although Sub-Etha Software was created in 1990 to offer software or the Radio Shack Color Computer (“CoCo”), you will see that content barely make an appearance in the list. But, it at least makes an appearance.

To the dozen or so folks who visited my site in 2021, thank you for visiting :)

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