Kugoo G5 electric scooter problems.

I received a Kugoo G5 electric scooter to review. It seems to have died after a few minutes. And I can’t find any references to it anywhere on YouTube or the internet beyond a bunch of Kugoo websites, Alibaba and Amazon. This, this post.

When powering up, the display and lights come on for a second, there is a beep, then it shuts back off. The app can still connect via Bluetooth, but trying to power up via the app has the same result.

It’s weird not being able to find something on the internet.

I have been making a list of errors in the manual, as well, which I will provide back to Kugoo when the review is complete. Assuming their support responds and can get this review unit running for me.

Here is a Facebook group I created just for discussing this model. So far, no one has found it…


Kugoo G5 electric scooter (non functional)

4 thoughts on “Kugoo G5 electric scooter problems.

  1. who cares

    to switch on just press the button short. If you press longer the device will shut down immediately after boot.

    1. Allen Huffman Post author

      Thanks! Kugoo replaced my G5 and the replacement has been working fine ever since. I only have about 250 miles on it, but I absolutely love it. I seem to get around 40 or so miles per charge.

  2. Andi

    I have a kugoo G5 scooter, I press the power button and it doesn’t start, and if I keep pressing the power button, E7 appears on the display


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