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I have received my FLSUN SuperRacer 3-D printer. It is very large, and must be assembled. Assembly is simple (maybe 28 screws, of two sizes, plus connecting plugs) but took me almost an hour. Others (who have done this) say it should take about 20 minutes.

The first thing I did was follow the steps in the manual to upgrade the firmware on the printer and the display. Each requires formatting a microSD card in a specific way (32K sectors for the printer, 4K sectors for the display). Updating the display requires opening it up (four screws) to access the card slot on the circuit board.

After this, I printed the included demo — a nut and bolt:

FLSUN SuperRacer SR 3-D printer demo file – nut and bolt.

It turned out exceptionally nice, even using generic Amazon Basics filament I had.

To better visualize how large it could print, I used Tinkercad.com to create a ring that was almost as large as the print surface. Since my SImplify3D did not have a profile for this printer (you have to e-mail them to receive it), I downloaded and installed the Mac version of Cura and used it’s SuperRacer profile to slice it. I then printed it, just fine:

FLSUN SuperRacer SR 3-D printer demo file – large ring.

So far, so good. I’ll be posting more about this printer as I have time. Until then, if you want to get one…

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