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Arduino, ZigBee and motion sensor help needed.

For a future project, I need to make use of remote triggers. These could be motion sensors, beam sensors, pressure mats, etc.

The ZigBee standard seems to be the way to go since I can find cheap consumer motion sensors that run on batteries. There also seems to be ZigBee repeaters, which allow giving the distance I need simply by plugging them in from place to place to create a mesh network.

XBee might be another option, if cheap motion sensors and repeaters are also available.

The goal is to have a central location be able to read the motion sensor status for many sensors, that could be spread out beyond walls hundreds of feet away.

Any pointers to where I might get started would be appreciated. Ideally I’d drive this all by a low-cost Arduino since the device will be used in an area where power might not be stable (and I wouldn’t want to corrupt the Linux file system on a Raspberry Pi).