Insta360 X4 firmware 1.0.6 / 1.0.8 has many new features


  • 2024-04-17 – Added USB mode, 5.7K+ and charging display.
  • 2024-04-18 – Automatic screen brightness! Also, 1.0.8 is out but the release notes look the same as 1.0.6. It was a tiny update file.
  • 2024-04-19 – Added link to Eat Sleep 360 video.

There are quite a few things in the firmware that none of the X4 videos mentioned, so I assume these were not in the beta firmware the YouTubers had.

Some quick first impressions, coming from the X2 then X3:

  1. This thing feels larger and bulkier.
  2. The rubber lens cap for it is much thicker, to allow room for the screw-on lens protectors. This means cases, etc. will have to be much thicker, as well, to store the X4 with the lens cap on.
  3. The included pouch cannot hold the X4 with the lens cap. It will hold the X4 with the included Thermo Cover Grip, though, and has pockets for the lens protectors and cleaning cloth. I would not put the USB-C cable in there, as it can stick out of the pocket and scratch your X4.

Firmware notes:

After activation, I see a random (?) WiFi password is assigned. An X3 firmware update gave us the ability to change the default 88888888 (which the X4 still defaults to, per videos I have watched). It looks like Insta360 now randomizes it so this step is not needed to prevent nearby folks from accessing and download all your files while your camera is on ;-) (I have not tested to see if the open access is still there, if you know the WiFi password, but I will soon.)

After activation, the firmware shows you about adding lens protectors, and changing settings to match what type you have (plastic, or premium). THere is also an “automatic” setting where it will try to detect that you are using lens protectors. I expect this means they impact stitching.

There is then a nice tutorial that walks you throgh the user interface – swiping up and down and such to navigate the menus.

THe user interface is fancier now. When a picture is taken, you see a small thumbnail appear, then fly off the screen. There are a few spiffy things like that I have noticed, so far.

You also get pop ups that warn you if lighting is too low for the mode you are in.

NEW from X3:

  1. Lens Guard Mode – Auto, Standard, Premium, No Lens Gaurd
  2. Screen Reader – “When on, the camera provides voice prompts for certain commands or actions.”
  3. Prompt Sound – Now has “Adaptive” in addition to High, Medium, Low and Mute.
  4. AI Highlights Assist – “AI will analyze video highlights during filming for faster editing on the Insta360 App.” It mentions this increased power consumption and temperature.
  5. Gesture Control – this works well. Show a two finger “peace sign”, and you get a countdown (so you can move your hand) and it takes the photo. Hold you palm and it will start or stop recording. On this on/on screen is a little animation of a person showing how to do each one. (Scroll down to see the other. It was not intuitive that there was more below this animation; I expected it to just show me both.) THIS IS NEAT.
  6. Timed Capture – The X4 has a clock. Turn this on, and you set a Start Time and Duration (which can be “infinite”) and a Repeat Frequency (Once, or Every day). You also set shooting mode (video, photo, all the modes, 360 or single lens, etc.) and parameters (resolution and frame rate), and image parameters (auto, ISO, etc.).
  7. Audio Settings – adds “Auto Wind Noise Reduction.” Old “Window Noise Reduction” is now called “Active Wind Noise Reduction.”
  8. There is a setting of all the quick access modes that now has defaults for Motorcycling, Skiing, and Outdoors. You can “+” to add a new one and pick from a list of presets (Surfing, Running, Biking, Cars, etc.). You can also Customize where you can make your own, and it will show as “Customize” or as one of the preset names you set it to. This is still not as good as being able to give it your own name, but better.
  9. UPDATE: There is no USB setting. When you plug it in to a computer, you get a screen asking “U-Disk Mode” or “Reverse Charging”.
  10. UPDATE: In addition to 5.7K, there is also 5.7K+. “”Close to 8K image quality but with a smaller file size. 5.7K+ is not suitable for low light conditions.”
  11. UPDATE: While charging, the screen displays a circle and the percentage charged.
  12. UPDATE: Automatic screen brightness! I missed the on screen button next to the slider. In a dark room, the screen goes dim. In bright light, the brightness increases so you can see it. Nice battery saver!

Settings has new options:

  1. “Touch to activate when off”
  2. “Power-off Charging” that tells what action happens when you plug in to charge (Charge only, Charge and power on, Charge and record). Charge and record could allow you hooking this up to a timed outlet and turning that outlet on to automatically start recording video, but I have not tested this yet.
  3. Long press Shutter Button to cancel recording – nice. That saves a swipe, I guess.
  4. Thermo Grip Cover – Automatic Recognitions, Installed or Uninstalled. A note about this – the cover has two white dots below it. I think that is how it knows the cover is installed. It also impacts stitching so you have to set the mode to match. The manual warns to not install or remove while recording or stitching will get messed up.
  5. Date and Time – set by the app but you can set it here. I do not know how it deals with time zones. I suppose you’d just have to sync your phone to the camera when you get to the new time zone? You can change the Date Format as well (MM/DD/YY versus DD/MM/YY or YY/MM/DD).
  6. Reset Tutorial – to go back and learn it all again.

There is alot here that wasn’t mentioned in any of the videos I watched, so I expect we will see Part 2 as the YouTubers get to play with the current firmware.

I will say again – this camera feels much larger and bulkier. I hope the added features are worth it.

More to come. Tonight I’ll try to record my X3-X4 comparison videos where I do some 5-10 minute clip without edits so folks can compare raw output rather than short demonstration clips.

UPDATE: Eat Sleep 360 posted a 3 minute video going over many of these options, and a few that I was unaware of.

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