SUNO AI creates CoCo songs…

The state of A.I. music generator is far beyond where I expected it to be. In fact, I did not even think this would ever be possible. But here it is.

I wrote up some lyrics and worked with SUNO until it got something interesting. Here is the 80s rock version:

I wrote the words to this, but SUNO is able to create lyrics as well. If you are not a writer, you can just say “country song about a boy and his dog named Fred, down by the lake on a summer evening” and away it goes.

Speaking of country, I used the same lyrics and did a shorter version as a country song…

The styles of music this thing can make is pretty open – rock, country, doo wop, barbershop quartets, opera, death metal, blues, jazz, etc. Just for fun, here’s an 80s new wave kind of synthesizer pop song:

Music production had already gotten very simple thanks to loops you just drag in to build songs, so the real impressive part of SUNO is that it can create the singing.

Check out and have your mind blown, too. If there is any interest, I will do a video showing what I have learned about using this tool.

Until then…

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