Decaps of 1986 GIME chip via Sean Riddle, Erik Gavriluk and Roger Taylor


  • 2024-03-09 – Added Dropbox link for direct download, any more background details. I have let Roger know I am now ready to download the 1987 version files and get those available.

Last year, Roger Taylor went through the effort and expense to have the Tandy/Radio Shack Color Computer 3’s custom “GIME” chip decapped and scanned. Super high resolution images are available. This should give someone with the knowledge and skills the ability to reproduce these custom chips.

Read more about this, and other fascinating projects, on Roger’s Patreon page. Consider supporting him. He has made some interesting acquisitions lately, including a “did we know this existed?” Mexico CoCo 3 called a MicroSEP II. He has also spend thousands of dollars to acquire the source code archives of the late Steve Bjork.

These GIME chip scans are the works of:

  • Sean Riddle
  • Erik Gavriluk
  • Roger Taylor

Any distribution should include their credit.

Use this “1986 GIME.torrent” file to download with a BitTorrent client and help seed it for others to get a backup of these files. I also have the files in a Dropbox share for those really patient with downloading 140+ GB of image files.

The files are also currently on my Dropbox, if you want to try to download them from there:

I do not have the 1987 GIME chip scans yet, but will do the same with them once I have them.

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