TheVIC20 USA Users Group

The replica Commodore VIC-20, known as TheVIC20, is not for sale in the USA and isn’t planned to be sold here. This is a limited edition version the C64 replica, TheC64, but in a VIC-20 enclosure with some different VIC software included.

It can be ordered from Amazon UK and shipped here, however, and then you use your own 1 amp USB power supply instead of the funky UK one that comes the box.

Although I don’t have one currently, one is being sent to me soon. So I started a users group…

And a website, coming soon:

4 thoughts on “TheVIC20 USA Users Group

  1. RogelioP

    I’d probably spring for one if I had not already many retrocomputers to play with, including a lovingly restored VIC-20 – got he Penultimate Cartridge for the VIC… nothing can come close to it now :-)

    1. Allen Huffman Post author

      I just love having something self contained that hooks to a modern monitor. Even my CoCo is clunky because it has to go to an adapter box before the monitor. Having it all in one really changes things.

      1. MiaM

        I’m Captain Obvious here, but you could use a combined TV and monitor. Those usually have composite (and s-video) inputs as well as the regular vga/dvi/hdmi inputs.


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