After the Rain / The Passage (1988) – the movie I was almost in.

In 1984, I was moved from Houston, Texas (where I grew up) to deep East Texas. I completed high school there, then moved to Lufkin, TX. That is where I lived when I started Sub-Etha Software with Terry Todd.

An interesting moment in my high school years was when a movie production company came to town to film something in San Augustine. My friend Jeremy (a drummer I played keyboards with) was from San Augustine. A group of us went down to audition to be extras in this movie.

Ned Beatty was in this thing! Apparently they turned the old downtown area in to “really old down town” by covering the streets with dirt and such.

Here is the IMDB listing for the movie:

I do not think any of us saw the movie when it was released in 1988. Just the other day, Jeremy contacted me asking if I knew what was involved in playing a PAL VHS tape. He had located a VHS copy of the movie — from another country. Here is a sub-titled trailer, though the movie is called “The Passage” in this trailer:

The Passage (1988)

When he sent me this, I went searching Ned Beatty’s IMDB page to look up more details. “The Passage” was not listed. I soon learned the movie was also called “After the Rain.” With that information, I was able to locate the IMDB entry and find a few other references to this film.

But, I cannot find any source to stream, rent or buy this film. Lost Media! At least in the USA.

I am posting this in case someone else is searching for it. (I did see one review on IMDB from someone who got to watch a premier of the film in Tyler, TX when it came out.)

Leave a comment if you end up hear after a search…

4 thoughts on “After the Rain / The Passage (1988) – the movie I was almost in.

  1. Rob Schofield

    If you need to digitise this PAL movie, I’ve got PAL VHS players that play back SD (576i), and a digitiser. However, I’m in the yUK so it would have to be posted over with the associated risk of lost post.
    The offer is there if you want to try it.

    1. Allen Huffman Post author

      Thanks, Rob! Let me tell my friend about this and find out where he found the PAL VHS. I do not think he owns it yet. If it turns out to be something he can acquire, maybe we could buy it and have it sent to you for conversion?

  2. Franz Lucien MOERSDORF

    Dear Allen,

    try this

    It is a VHS with (they say) Greek subtitles.

    Take care

    Franz Lucien

  3. Franz Lucien MOERSDORF


    on eba: They say with Greek subtitles :-)


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