YQ8008 bicycle LED light for $74.96 on e-Bay

  • 2015/8/25 – Added not about $36 YQ8007.
YQ8008 bicycle LED light (pic from e-Bay store), currently $75 on e-Bay.
YQ8008 bicycle LED light (pic from e-Bay store), currently $75 on e-Bay.

A relatively new e-Bay store, Newell Development, has a listing for the YQ8008 three-arm bicycle LED light for $74.96 with free shipping from China. This model typically sells for around $130, but many e-Bay stores have it for around $80 with a $20 shipping fee. This $74.96 price is the lowest I have found so far.

They list the item as “generic” but I wrote them to ask if it was a YQ8008 (they use all the same official photos) and they responded:

“…it is Original with 100 Modes Programmable DIY Bike Bicycle Wheel Spoke Light. And it is in stock.”

Although the XuanWheel has four arms (so it can display images at lower speeds), the YQ8008 has a higher LED count per arm and thus produces a higher resolution image. You can check my comparison chart to see more details.

I have also found the YQ8007 (two arms) for $40 with free shipping from GearBest.com. I have received one to review. It shipped on 8/11 and was received in Iowa on 8/20, so just over a week — not bad. (As of this update, it is currently $36.)

See Also: XuanWheel for $79.

12 thoughts on “YQ8008 bicycle LED light for $74.96 on e-Bay

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      1. Ted0

        Hey there, I ordered the BTX-801 and they are pretty nice. Do you want some information for your chart? Some pics and/or feature info?

        Thanks for your work

        1. Allen Huffman Post author

          Yes, please. I did a search and found it on Alibaba. I recently found another 4-arm one on e-Bay that I wanted to add – I wonder if it was this one. Excellent.

  2. Adam

    Hi, any idea how to save the images on Xuanwheel? Each time I power mine down, the images are gone. Many thanks, Adam.

    1. Allen Huffman Post author

      Good find! I think GearBest.com is where I got my YQ. Someone else sent a link to this device (I think it is the same one) on AliBaba. I wonder what it’s software is like. That’s been the weak link so far (which is what makes BaLight and HaloWheel have an edge — using a phone app).

      1. nbritton

        GearBest dropped the price down to $56.86 for the next two days. It appears the real name of the device is the FTL FH-801 Pro and it is made by Shenzhen Bao Tianxiang Technology Co., Ltd.


        I found some demo videos here:

        They also make a 256 LED version called the FH-801, it is also on sale at GearBest for the next two days for $40.22. http://www.gearbest.com/bike-lights/pp_425116.html

        I started a forum thread about the FH-801 Pro here: http://forums.mtbr.com/lights-night-riding/ftl-fh-801-pro-416-led-persistence-vision-wheel-display-1020205.html

  3. CrazyLittle

    The software for the FTL is similar to the YQ but has better provisions for adding animated GIFs to the rotation. You end up writing a data file to a micro-SD card that the LED wheel lights read when in use, just like the YQ.


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