XuanWheel bicycle LED light for $79 on Amazon

  • 2015/8/14: Added note about e-Bay seller.
  • 2015/8/24: Added note that it now is shipped by Amazon, and qualifies for Amazon Prime shipping.
  • 2015/12/8: $72 on Amazon currently, and there are some reviews now (and notes from the seller explaining why the iOS app is “untrusted”. Buyer beware!)
XuanWheel (pic from Amazon store).
XuanWheel (pic from Amazon store).

The XuanWheel (or is it Xuan Wheel?) just saw a $10 price drop. It is currently $79 at Amazon with shipping  from Amazon, so it qualifies for Amazon Prime. This model has four arms, and thus produces an image (or moving video) at lower speeds than the cheaper two arm models.

One of the two e-Bay sellers has them for $69 with free shipping (from China), currently.

See Also: There is also the YQ8008 (now found for $75 on e-Bay with free shipping) three arm unit which has a higher density of LEDs no each arm for higher resolution photos. XuanWheel is probably better at slower speeds, and YQ8008 probably has better images at higher speeds.

4 thoughts on “XuanWheel bicycle LED light for $79 on Amazon

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  2. Gene I

    I wanted to buy Bicycle lights and after reading your input on the different types , I went with Xuanwheel. So far it has been easy to install and create my own designs. A very good product that I would have no problem in purchasing again. Thank you for the time and effort you provided describing these POV display lights.

  3. Gene I

    Sure it’s daylight here now, i’m in the San Francisco Bay Area, so I will shoot and post some pix soon, would also like to mention a listing for “Balights” by Laluz on Amazon. At $300. it’s a bit too rich for my budget, but less expensive than Monkey Light Pro.


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