Steve Bjork’s Zaxxon, but updated for CoCo 3?

Roger Taylor continues to make discoveries…

SPECULATIVE UPDATE: Zaxxon ran on the PMODE 4 2-color screen, and used artifact colors. Those did not display on the CoCo 3’s RGB CM-8 monitor. Perhaps this was just a way to make a CM-8 compatible version of the game? Though, changing the title screen and adding the logo (as well as updating the font) does make it appear it was more than just that.

Unreleased CoCo 3 update to the 1983 CoCo Zaxxon???

3 thoughts on “Steve Bjork’s Zaxxon, but updated for CoCo 3?

    1. Allen Huffman Post author

      Folks are commenting that it looks like it still only uses 4 colors, but clearly that is a different font, and the title screen was updated to use the game logo. I edited my article to speculate that this might have just been his patch to make it work on a CM-8 monitor (artifact graphics). BUT, clearly there was more being done — double speed, etc.

  1. Luis Fernandez

    Very interesting, it should look better.
    It would hardly have more colors, since it was created with 4


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