1986 Doctor Who demo source found.

As I wrote about earlier, in 1986 I created a demo program that displays a Doctor Who logo (based on the one from the Tom Baker era of the show) and played a version of the theme song I created in Musica 2.

Doctor Who music demo.

You can download a disk image of this demo from the CoCo archive site:


I created the music by ear (listening to a cassette tape recording I made from TV) in Musica 2:

Here is a video of the demo playing:

I remembered using a BASIC program to draw most of the logo, then using some graphics program to add the text. I have recently located the original BASIC program:

15 GOTO30
20 DRAW"BM128,20;M35,90;M128,160;M220,90;M128,20;BM128,30;M47,90;M128,150;M208,90;M128,30"
25 GOTO25
30 CIRCLE(128,135),100,,1,.66,.85:CIRCLE(128,135),80,,1,.66,.85:LINE(73,53)-(83,68),PSET:LINE(182,53)-(172,68),PSET:PAINT(128,36)
40 DRAW"BM65,70;M70,110;M80,110;M85,95;M90,110;M100,110;M105,70;M95,70;M93,95;M85,80;M78,95;M78,95;M75,70;M65,70":PAINT(66,71)
50 DRAW"BM110,70;M110,110;M120,110;M120,95;M140,95;M140,110;M150,110;M150,70;M140,70;M140,85;M120,85;M120,70;M110,70":PAINT(111,71)
60 CIRCLE(175,90),21:CIRCLE(175,90),12:PAINT(175,71)
70 GOTO20

It draws this:

Sometime, I’d like to try to create a more accurate version of that logo, and update the music to be more accurate as well.


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