Canon Camera Connect iOS app v3.0 storing same GPS location in every photo.

I am posting this in case someone else with the same issue is searching for a solution.

The Canon Camera Connect app can record GPS locations, then later upload them to a supported Canon camera where they get embedded in the photo files. Unfortunately, the V3 app has a bug. It appears to store only ONE GPS location in every file taken — the location where the phone was when you click “Start recording” in the app. That GPS location and timestamp will be in every photo (I took 508 photos today and all confirm this; and I had a similar issue last month with it doing it every day for six days).

This is with the iOS version and a Canon G5X phone. The v2 had its own problems, but at least worked well when it worked. I have been using it since 2017.

If you find this post and have this issue, leave a comment with your details.

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