What is a CoCo? ChatGPT has some thoughts…

Meanwhile, over at chat.openai.com… I told it:

The CoCo is the nickname for the Radio Shack TRS-80 Color Computer. Can you come up with something that “COCO” stands for, that would be related?

– Me, to ChatGPT

It responded with some interesting suggestions…

Interesting question! The CoCo is indeed a nickname for the Radio Shack TRS-80 Color Computer, a line of home computers developed and sold by Tandy Corporation from 1980 to 1991¹. It was based on the Motorola 6809E processor and used the MC6847 Video Display Generator (VDG) chip¹³. It was also compatible with Microsoft BASIC and OS-9 operating system¹.

Some possible things that COCO could stand for, related to this computer, are:

  • Color Operating Computer Organization: A name for a group of enthusiasts or hobbyists who use or collect CoCo computers.
  • Colorful Objects with Computational Outputs: A description of the graphical capabilities of the CoCo, which could display up to 16 colors on screen⁴.
  • Commonly Observed Computerized Oracle: A humorous way of referring to the CoCo as a source of information or entertainment for its users.
  • Cooperative Online Colorful Operations: A term for multiplayer games or applications that could run on the CoCo using its serial port or modem⁴.

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– chat.openai.com

And, there was more…

  • Colorful Output with Creative Options: A way of highlighting the CoCo’s versatility and potential for different types of programs and projects.
  • Computerized Optical Colorful Oscilloscope: A reference to the CoCo’s ability to display graphics and sound using its VDG chip and 6-bit DAC.
  • Compact Original Colorful Object: A simple description of the CoCo’s physical appearance and design.
– chat.openai.com

There are only some many words beginning with C or O that make sense for this topic, but it might be fun to keep asking it until we find the ultimate backronym.

Until then…

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