My first C program for CoCo DISK BASIC.

On this day in history … I built the CMOC compiler and compiled my first C program for non-OS-9 CoCO.

I created this source file:

int main()
	char *ptr = 1024;
	while (ptr < 1536) *ptr++ = 128;
	return 0;

I compiled it using “cmoc hello.c” and it produces “hello.bin”.

I created a new blank disk image using “decb dskini C.DSK”.

I copied the binary to that disk image using “decb copy hello.bin C.DSK,HELLO.BIN -2”

I booted up the XRoar emulator and mounted that disk image as the first drive.

I did LOADM”HELLO” and then EXEC.

And so it begins…

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