CoCo graphics tablet, video digitizer and speech recognition hardware for sale!

The great purge has begun! I have to downsize to about 50% of my current stuff, so it’s time to sell off all the CoCo gear I have that I will no longer be actively using.

First on the list is a Radio Shack X-PAD Graphics Tablet. This is still in the original box, with the original manual and template, as well as the plastic bags that came covering the pak and tablet! It’s as complete as it gets.

Next is the E.A.R.S. speech recognition system that was sold by Speech Systems. Yep, voice recognition on the CoCo! It could recognize 64 voice patterns, if I recall, and used simple BASIC commands to listen and match the voices. It needed a headset that was special so I don’t have a way to test it.

Then there is the Micro Works DS-68B video digitizer! Yep, the one with software that Tim Jenison (later of Newtek and the Video Toaster for Amiga) programmed! It works! But the label has come lose and will need to be “restored” with some glue.

Lastly, the Rulaford Research CoCo MIDI Pak with options — two switches that toggle the ports to THRU and OUT and such. I got this direct from Cecil Houk himself, and used it for years. I no longer have anything with MIDI, so … away it goes.

Please bid and help me raise some much needed money, and downsize at the same time. Thanks!

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