Microsoft Visual Studio Code (PC/Mac/Linux) for CoCo cross development.

Microsoft Visual Studio Code for Mac (left) with extension to color code BASIC code for easy loading into Xroar emulator (right).

As mentioned elsewhere, there are some CoCo-related extensions available for the Microsoft Visual Studio Code editor. I did not realize that MS released this editor for Mac and Linux as well as Windows.

Here is the free editor:

Once installed, you can download (from within the editor) extensions.

Here are two extensions by Tandy UK — one for COLOUR BASIC and the other for 6309/6809 assembly:

There is another 6809 assembly extension available:…

It colorizes files ending in .a or .asm. 

I don’t see many details about the Tandy UK ones, but I am indeed getting colorized BASIC keywords when I have a .bas file.

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