Chauvet DJ DMX-RT problems

When I do extensive searching on some topic, and can’t come up with any satisfactory results, I will often do a blog post with the results of my research. This helps it at least get indexed by the search engines for others following the same path.

You may disregard this post, unless you came here through such a search.

The Chauvet DJ DMX-RT DMX recorder/playback device is a cool little gadget.

I have been having problems with the units I have received. Here are some search terms:

  • DMX-RT locks up with yellow LED with no SD card inserted.
  • DMX-RT lockup on RECORD or RUN playback.
  • DMX-RT says “no F” when trying to RUN.
  • DMX-RT Err 5.
  • DMX-RT problems.
  • DMX-RT compatible microSD / SD cards.

Feel free to comment if you came here after searching for any of these terms.

We now return you to your normally scheduled programming…

4 thoughts on “Chauvet DJ DMX-RT problems

  1. Joe Schutts


    I’m not sure IF this will help you or not, BUT it’s worth a try… I have found that some hardware (especially OLDER hardware) is choosey about the size (AND HOW you format the SD Card itself) of the SD Card that you’re trying to use. On older hardware I have found a limitation of 2 Meg is pretty much it. Anything over 2 Meg and you’ll run into errors. The other problem I’ve run into is WHAT format you’re using to format the Card itself. Usually if you use NTFS it WILL NOT WORK. You either have to use EX-FAT or FAT32. IF you use either one of these formats it should work (repeat SHOULD)… If it doesn’t than I too am at a loss and have no idea how to proceed…

    Good luck…


    1. Allen Huffman Post author

      Good call on disk formats. I need to update this and mention that. Many embedded devices I use will tell you to format “on” the device rather than a PC. DMX-RT has no such option, which makes it odd they don’t tell you a thing about SD card types and disk format in the manual. I also tried formatting under Windows 10, and using the “SD Card Formatter” from the SD association. That’s the tool (Mac, PC, Linux?) Raspberry Pi recommends. All of this should be noted. Thanks!

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