5 thoughts on “TRON 4-way restrictor plates for HAPP flight stick.

  1. Delusional29

    I need to grab one of the 3D printed ones for an episode I’m planning on doing on my channel. Youtube.com/delsarcade
    How can I go about obtaining one of these?
    I sourced an original NOS for comparison just recently. Also I have a repro in my possession that was molded by hand from an original . I am in the process of creating a mold to replicate it. I will of course share my results for the greater good.

  2. jeff

    What material did you use – Guessing, Ninja Flex? It has to be a little soft to force the diagonals for Cone and Spiders.
    Can you upload that design to Thingiverse so I can print one?


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