SirSound video demonstrations

One year ago, on March 9, 2017, Sub-Etha Software announced the Sir Sound CoCo Sound Card, today referred to as SirSound, without the space. Today we present to you the first public demonstration of the project.

SirSound demo 1- introduction

This 7-minute video walks through the basic concept of the device, and shows how easy it is to convert BASIC “PLAY” music to use the SirSound device.

SirSound demo 2 – polyphonic music

This 4-minute video shows how multi-voice music will be handled. It demonstrates 3-part harmony, and also a quick version of the Frogger arcade game theme music, all from BASIC.

More to come…

5 thoughts on “SirSound video demonstrations

  1. John Hieber

    What is the size (musical notes) of songs that the Siri can handle? Can a musical piece sent to the Siri be repeated without re-transmitting the piece? What is the MAX baud rate if the serial interface?

    1. Allen Huffman Post author

      I still have improvements to do to the buffer. On the Tandy 1000, which used this same sound chip, they only had a 32 note buffer per voice. SirSound is already doing 200 per voice , but I am going to improve on that.

      I plan to have a repeat/loop command and implement a way to send a named piece similar to using the Xxx$; in PLAY. You might do something like send “*A=CDEFGAB” and then later can play that by sending “XA$;”. There will also be a new mode that bypasses the text parsing so sending one byte will trigger a string.

      The fastest printer POKE is 9600 on the CoCo, and 4800 on the MC-10. I plan to default to a slow baud, for the interactive terminal program mode, and have a command to adjust it faster. An assembly program could run using your high speed bit blasting routines. On a CoCo 3, there are even 115200 baud routines now. I could even put those in a DEFUSR assembly routine for BASIC so we could do X=USR0(“CDEFGAB”). I need to test the overhead of USRx versus PRINT#-2.

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