Night Trap (classic FMV) on Kickstarter.

The classic full motion video game, Night Trap, is coming back, if they get Kick Starter funding.

I played Night Trap on the Sega CD, though it was later ported to other systems. It was one of the first, if not the first, live action full motion video games. It starred Dana Plato (from Diff’rent Strokes) as the heroin in a campy B-movie style horror flick.

It is noteworthy because of the controversy that sprung up around it, led by Nintendo, which caused the industry to adopt video game ratings. That alone makes this quite the historic artifact.

The original developers are wanting to re-release it for modern systems, and have gone back to the original 35mm movie film and digitized it in full resolution letting us see, for the very first time, what the movie was meant to look like (and not the low resolution 64-color versions we saw on the Sega).

Very cool. Check it out.

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