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Allen in the real world…

Early in 2012, I began a new job with a consulting company. They were going to place me in an embedded programming position at a company about an hour away. Normally, the thought of 120+ miles of driving each day for work would never be something I would agree to, but this was a very unique opportunity for me. It was a chance to get back to my roots as an embedded programmer and work on constrained systems without hard drives or monitors. Because of this environment, the job became one of my all-time favorites rather quickly (second only to the “dream job” that got me to move to Iowa back in 1995 — hard to beat a dream job).

During my initial days being trained, I started to recognize many of the concepts of their device — discreet outputs, analog inputs, etc. They were just like the Arduino I/O I had been working on a few months earlier for some projects I was doing for a local Halloween attraction. In fact, much of what I first learned around 2005 for BASIC Stamp seemed to apply as well.

And it never dawned on me to list any of that on my resume. I mean, it’s just “toys” and a “hobby”, right? It turns out, the experience I gained building things for Arduino really helped my learning curve with this job.

So I wonder… Do any of you list your Arduino work on your resume? If so, what do you say, or how do you say it? In the early days of my career, my resume was full of accomplishments that came from a cheap computer I bought at Radio Shack, and it is kind of a full circle that I find myself wanting to do this again — though this time it’s an Arduino, rather than a TRS-80.


Cleanup in aisle four…

I have just spent far too much time going back and editing all the posts to this site which include source code. WordPress has done a wonderful job mangling them, but I think I finally have a solution in place, moving forward, that should prevent it. The ALLRAM BBS conversion project has also been updated to the latest version.

Also, you will notice the theme has been changed. I was having some issues with the other terminal-looking theme, and it didn’t support all of the things I liked having (like the horizontal menu bar at the top of each page). When I find time, I will learn how to customize WordPress and try to make this theme look more retro and less generic.

Greetings from the Sub-Etha!

Don’t Panic!

You have been diverted.

Welcome to the new home of…

       _______              __             _______             __
      / _____/\            / /\           / _____/\           / /\
     / /\____\/           / / /          / /\____\/  __      / / /     ______
    / /_/__    __  __    / /_/_   ___   / /_/     __/ /_    / /_/_    /___  /\
   /____  /\  / /\/ /\  / ___ /\ /__/\ / ___/\   /_  __/\  / __  /\  _\__/ / /
   \___/ / / / / / / / / /\/ / / \__\// /\__\/   \/ /\_\/ / /\/ / / / __  / /
 _____/ / / / /_/ / / / /_/ / /      / /_/__     / /_/   / / / / / / /_/ / /
/______/ / /_____/ / /_____/ /      /______/\   /___/\  /_/ /_/ / /_____/ /
\______\/  \_____\/  \_____\/       \______\/   \___\/  \_\/\_\/  \_____\/
 =======    ======    ======   ===   =======   ======    ======    ======
                                S O F T W A R E
                               Established 1990.

      "In Support of the CoCo and OS-9" ... and Perl, and Arduino, and...


In 1990, Sub-Etha Software was formed in Lufkin, Texas. You can read all about it, if you are curious. Since then, much has changed. It’s hard to believe that was almost 25 years ago!

Although Sub-Etha hasn’t done much for years, for the past few months, I have been posting on my Apple site,, about my exploits with the Arduino platform. I haven’t done this much recreational programming since my days using the Radio Shack Color Computer. This has made me decide to dust off my old software company, Sub-Etha Software, and set up this website. Although I have had the domain for many years, it was just a subsection of one of my personal sites… until tonight.

I have now migrated all my programming-related posts from the Appleause site over to this one. I think they will fit in better here, and it finally gave me an excuse to do something with this domain.

So here it is – the all-new Sub-Etha Software website. Here you will find historical information about the original Sub-Etha, which started back in 1990 to offer products for the Radio Shack Color Computer and Microware OS-9 operating system. There is even a page which will eventually document the items we made for the Interactive Media Systems MM/1 computer, which ran OS-9/68000 (“OSK”). I may even make a page covering some of the items we sold after I took a job with Microware and had to shut down Sub-Etha. (Hint: Sub-Etha SoftWEAR didn’t sell software…)

Around 2001, I learned a bit of Perl programing and created a few simple scripts which I made available free under the Sub-Etha Software name, so Perl gets a page here, too. And lastly, some of my recent development efforts on the Arduino and related devices like the Teensy 2.0. I may even through in some BASIC Stamp talk at some point if I ever dig out my old hardware.

But since Sub-Etha started with the CoCo, it remains with the CoCo. There will be discussions about new CoCo related projects, and a listing of some of CoCo websites I think all CoCoists should check out.

Stay tuned…