Important or useful sites relating to the CoCo, OS-9, Arduino and other topics discussed here.

NEWS: The Glenside Color Computer Club still does yearly CoCoFEST conventions near Chicago. See for more details.

Tandy/Radio Shack TRS-80 Color Computer

  • Glenside Color Computer Club – based near Chicago, Illinois, this is the only known CoCo club remaining. (Also see their original page,, as I am not sure which one they are updating these days.)
  • Cloud-9 – still designing new things for the CoCo after all these years, including PC keyboard adapters, modern memory upgrades, hard drive interfaces and more.
  • CoCopedia – a wiki dedicated to all things CoCo, running the same software that powers the Wikipedia project.

OS-9 Operating System

  • Microware – As of early 2013, OS-9 is now under new ownership.
  • NitrOS-9 – a free operating system for the CoCo, based on OS-9/6809. It has also been ported to run on certain Atari computers that are retrofitted with a 6809 processor.


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