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Project Blue Book: The 1970s TV series called something else.


  • 5-20-2022: IMDB, blogs and other sites with comments all seem to have folks reporting that this was called “Project Blue Book” when they saw it. I have also found one reference to it being called that for the United Kingdom release. If anyone can find proof it was ever called that in the U.K. or anywhere else, please leave a comment. Until then, I guess this is just a mass false memory/Mandela Effect…
  • Here is a 2012 blog post about the subject:

I have memories of watching a late-1970s TV series called Project Blue Book. This would have been how I first learned about the government’s actual investigation in to U.F.O.s. Here is the wikipedia entry about the real government project:

Not too long ago I saw something about a new TV series called Project Blue Book and I had wondered if it was a remake/reboot of the 1970s one. I have yet to see any of the episodes, but here is the wikipedia entry about this TV series:

I have certainly heard much more about the real Project Blue Book over the years, thanks to seeing the occasional show about U.F.O.s. When it was brought up, I always through about that 1970s TV series.

As far as the series goes, I don’t remember much about the actual episodes, except it seemed they were always debunked by the end of the show. I remember one that shared the story of how a U.F.O. blasted the hood of a car. By the end of the series, it was declared a hoax, and they showed that the burn marks on the hood had been made with a road flare or something like that.

So why this post now?

The other day, I saw a reference on Mastadon to “project bluebeam” — whatever that was. I wanted to respond with a link to the TV series for Project Blue Book, and make a reference to “liking the original project better.”

There is indeed a wikipedia entry for the TV series I was remembering, except it was listed as Project U.F.O. — which I had never heard of. It did include a note:

Also known asProject Blue Book (in some countries)
-wikipedia entry for Project U.F.O.

…and the wikipedia page for “Project Blue Book (TV Series)” goes to a page about the new series.

Apparently Project U.F.O. must have been used outside of the U.S.A. Or not.

A quick YouTube search led me to a copy of the show, recorded over the air from a Chicago, Illinois TV station:

As soon as the video began, I remembered that opening sentence about Ezekial and the wheel. (You know, that passage in the bible about him seeing a U.F.O. We can discuss the passage in the bible that discusses the unicorn sometime, as well…)

This informed me that at least in Chicago, the show aired as Project U.F.O. (and I noticed the intro did not make any reference to Project Blue Book).

Asking around (online), I found folks who grew up on other parts of the U.S.A. that also saw it as Project Blue Book.

I am posting this here to see if any of my U.S.A. readers were old enough to have seen this show, and could tell me what it was called where you saw it (and please let me know where you saw it).

It’s interesting thinking about a show airing in different regions using different titles.

UPDATE: Looks like others saw it air at Project Blue Book. Look at he IMDB reviews…

To be continued…

Mandela Effect and Wayne’s World

I’m placing this here for searching engine visibility…

Mandela Effect amuses me because there was one that impacted me, involving a painting I remember seeing in the past twenty years, which does not exist. I have a plausible theory to explain that one, though.

Tonight, I saw Wayne’s World at a local theater. Two things stood out at me:

  1. During the first Wayne’s World segment, they bring on a guy who invented a Flowbee parody called the Suck Cut. I had remembered it being called the Suck ‘n Cut, but since I haven’t seen the movie since it first came out, I guess I just made the actual name more complicated and less like what it was a parody off. Flowbee, Suckcut. Not sure why I remembered it with extra stuff added.
  2. During the guitar store scene, Wayne picks up a guitar and starts to play the intro to Stairway to Heaven. I was very familiar with this song because I worked in a music store that sold guitars at the time of the movie’s release. But what he plays was not at all Stairway. But the joke was still there.

Well, number two is a licensing thing. I found an article explaining that only the original theatrical print had him playing a few notes from Stairway, and all subsequent releases from VHS on had those notes changed.

I am wondering if number one was something similar. I do find references on the internet to folks calling it “Suck ‘n Cut” as well, but the clips are Suck Cut. Mandela Effecters call this residual effect.

I think I just misremembered. It’s just rough to suddenly realize you have been wrong for a quarter of a century and no one corrected you :)