My old (and new) VIC-20 stuff is now on Github


And so is my *ALL RAM* BBS for the CoCo:

And various BASIC things from other blog posts:

And a Lites Out game from an upcoming blog series:

There is even a VIC-20 port of that one:

3 thoughts on “My old (and new) VIC-20 stuff is now on Github

  1. Blair Leduc

    Allen, to keep things tidy, may I suggest that you remove all of the bak folders and .DS_Store files, commit this change and then create a .gitignore file containing bak and .DS_Store, each on their own line, and commit that?

    1. Allen Huffman Post author

      I made a “doesn’t know how to use git” mistake not making the .gitignore first. I had to learn how to use “rm –cached” from the command line ;-) (“Thank you, BING.AI”) I think they are gone now.


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