Smooth slow motion with Topaz Labs Video Enhance AI

When you slow down video by increasing the time between each frame, you get chunky video. To get smooth slow motion, the video is recorded at a high frame rate. For example, instead of a normal 30 frames per second like US TV, the video might be recorded at 120 frames per second. Now you can slow it down to 1/4 speed and still be displaying 30 frames per second.

But what if you have footage that was not shot at a high frame rate and you still want smooth slow motion?

AI video processing can take care of this. Below is a short clip I recorded.

On the left is the original video slowed down in a video editor. Notice the pauses between each frame.

On the right is the same video, processed by Topaz Labs Video Enhance AI, where it CREATES frames in between the ones in the original video! Check it out then I’ll add some more details…

What did you notice? Did it look good?

Watch it again, and this time, focus on the wheels of the car that passes on the left side. Also pay attention to the lettering on the side of the white van on the right.

Notice the defects? The AI does pretty amazing things, but still has artifacts that let us know it’s being processed.

Still, very neat.

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