JS Mocha CoCo emulator on iPad?

Online web emulators used to not work on tablets like the iPad due to how keyboard commands were handled. A few years ago I was working with an online emulator and the author confirmed it wasn’t possible due to the mobile browsers only sending keys, instead of “key X down, key X up” sequences (or something like that).

To my surprise, when I checked the JS Mocha CoCo emulator today, it worked on the iPad with a bluetooth keyboard! At some point, something changed and it is now possible to use an external keyboard on a tablet (at least an iPad) and use the emulators. I also spot checked the XRoar Online emulator and it works too, but since it does not currently support keyboard translation, you have to know where the CoCo keys are on a modern keyboard.

Check it out, and please let me know if this also works on android tablets.

3 thoughts on “JS Mocha CoCo emulator on iPad?

      1. Dave Philipsen

        Yeah, it’s new running 15.3.1. I’ve seen this site before but never tried it with an external keyboard.


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