Life without the Cloud

Since this past summer, I have been without home internet. I previously went without phone and home internet for quite some time before, so it’s not nearly as shocking this time around.

It does make me realize how cloud dependent computing has become. Computers, in general, are far less useful without an internet connection. Today, so much syncing takes place automatically — online backups, Dropbox file sharing, photos in the Cloud, etc. It’s weird using a computer that doesn’t “magically’ have everything available that is available to my other devices.

Still, even when I had home internet, I still spent about 95% of time time on my iPad rather than the computers I have. I seem to only use them for heavy lifting these days, such as video or audio editing, website maintenance, and photo galleries.

How productive do you think you could be without internet access on your computer?

In other news, I have 28 draft articles going back to 2017 waiting for me to have time to complete them and post them here. Without internet, at least I have an excuse for not getting them done currently ;-)

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