CoAP – Constrained Application Protocol

Has anyone out there done any work with CoAP?

And the Observe (subscription) extension proposal:

I am implementing it for my day job for an embedded system. I am doing it from scratch using just the RFC for reference.

I am thinking of doing another implementation (not using any work code, of course) for the Arduino. I’ve found a few attempts to implement it, often with many missing features or missing many needed features.

Anyone out there a CoAP expert?

2 thoughts on “CoAP – Constrained Application Protocol

  1. brianholdsworth

    I’m not an expert on CoAP, but I’m interested in seeing a C89/C99 (ANSI C) implementation that could compile as a CoAP Client on systems like NitrOS-9 and cc65.

    1. Allen Huffman Post author

      I am unfamiliar with cc65, but the protocol is some small it could easily run on an 8-bit. The issue is, of course, the UDP/IP networking stack. With dedicated networking parts like the ESP8266 being only $2, it would be trivial to hook one of those to an RS232 port and get that link.

      I need to get my NitrOS-9 development system updated to the current stuff. (Though, as small as it is, I’d likely implement CoAP in 6809 assembly!)


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