CoCoSDC SDC-DOS version 1.14 release

In case you missed it, in December 2016, a software update to CoCoSDC and SDC-DOS was released. You can find it under “Latest Firmware” on this page:

SDC-DOS is now up to version 1.14 and includes the following changes:

  1. AUTOEXEC. If “AUTOEXEC.BAS” if found on a mounted disk image, it will automatically run on startup. Holding down SPACE on startup will bypass this. (I think Kenton’s RGB-DOS did this?)
  2. EXP. A new “EXP” command has been added. It will mount an image called “SDCEXP.DSK” and, if present, run “AUTOEXEC.BAS” from that image.
  3. DEF DW. You can now specify DriveWire baud rates.
  4. WRITE/COPY MEM. These commands can now write to flash pages $FExx on a CoCo 3.
  5. RUN @bank. Code to select and execute one of the virtual ROM banks has been rewritten to make it more compatible with various ROMs.
  6. DSKINI. Fixes a bug where drive motor could remain on when using a CoCoSDC and a real floppy controller at the same time.

The update comes with a .DSK image that you mount and then run a utility which will take care of the upgrade.

Nice! I just started setting my CoCo system back up, and will be trying this out soon.

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