Announcing the TC-70

See also: Announcing the MM/1 and Introducing the Tomcat from Frank Hogg Labs.

And another one from 1990 … the announcement of the Frank Hogg Labs’ Tomcat-70. This was their answer to the MM/1. I believe it was a better machine, but the MM/1 had more software support. In the end, too many systems to choose from, shipping delays, and the lack of Rainbow magazine supporting them, doomed them. (Though, Rainbow featured each one on the cover, so they at least helped launch them.)

 >>>>>>>> ANNOUNCEMENT <<<<<<<<

Frank Hogg Laboratory is pleased to announce the TC70, the
68K computer of choice for Tomcat/Color Computer/68K users.

The TC70 is the latest in our line of K-Bus compatible
products, providing the greatest flexibility and expansion
for the OS9/OSK community.

The TC70 is a stand-alone system that can also be used with
the TC9 Tomcat for complete OS-9 Level 2 compatibility. It is
fully expandable via the K-Bus to over 14+ megabytes of RAM
and 60+ ports and is the lowest cost of any system available.
These TC70 in conjunction with the TC9 provides both CoCo
compatibility as well as OS9/68K. The Tomcat is the most
flexible and expandable of any computer system available

The TC70 has 50% more built in RAM, a better AT
keyboard interface, is more cost effective, and is more
standard with K-Bus compatibility than other 68070 based
single board computers announced or on the market.

The Technical Specs

Signetics 68070 CPU (Motorola 68000 compatible) at 15 MHz

1.5 MB RAM (1,536K)

Memory upgradeable to 14+ MB via K-Bus

Graphics resolution from 320x200 to 720x540 (interlaced)

From 16 to 256 colors on-screen, depending on resolution mode

Three serial ports expandable to 60 via K-Bus

PC keyboard port for 101-key AT-style keyboard

RGB-Analog output for CM-8 Style monitor and RGB TTL for PC monitors

OS9/68K Professional Version with C and Basic included

Direct Memory Access (DMA) floppy disk controller

DMA SCSI host adapter built in for hard drives and tape

K-Bus compatible

TC9 compatible (CoCo 3)

8-bit D to A port

8-bit port A to D (CoCo joystick)

1 parallel port for parallel printer expandable to 60 via K-Bus

Serial mouse port

Real-time battery-backed clock


The Signetics 68070 is a Motorola compatible CPU running at 15 MHz

I/O Support
The PC keyboard port is designed for standard AT-style
keyboards. The AT-style keyboards are available in a better
quality than XT keyboards and also provide bi-directional
control of the keyboard LEDs from the computer. This way 
CAPS lock etc can be tied into each window.

Floppy disk controller is included at no extra charge.
Supports both 3.5 and 5.25 drives and ALL OS9-OSK disk
formats including CoCo, Mizar, Atari, Motorola etc etc. Also
supports our PC Utility for using PC DOS disks.

The TC70 floppy controller uses separate DMA from the SCSI
port allowing very fast transfer from hard disk to floppy,
great for backups. Our SCSI drivers, proven by over 6 years
of use supports all SCSI hard drives, tape drives and most
SASI/SCSI controllers including XEBEC, OMTI, Adaptec, 
Western Digital etc.

Software support

Microwares OS9/68000 Professional version with C and BASIC is
included. Our port of OS9/68K is a mature port with over 6
years of proven reliability. Additional utilities only
available for the Tomcat system extend OS9/68K to the 


The TC70 can be expanded with K-Bus cards.

Physical specs

The TC70 is 5.25 X 8 (The same size as a 5.25 disk drive)
and has mounting holes that allow mounting to a 5.25 drive.
This allows very flexible mounting. The TC70 will fit in and
is an upgrade to the QT, QT Plus and QT 00x. The TC70 also
mounts in the K-Bus and will work with the TC9 board and
other K-Bus cards.


The preliminary price is $999.99 for the TC70 board and
software. Complete system prices and final specifications
will be uploaded later. Consult the Tomcat brochure for TC9


The TC70 will be available late July 1990.

For more information or to be placed on the waiting list for
any of our Tomcat computers contact:

Frank Hogg 70310,317
Frank Hogg Laboratory, Inc.
204 Windemere Rd.
Syracuse NY 13205
FAX 315/469-8537

Prices and specifications are of course subject to change
without notice.

Date of this notice: 5/29/90



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