CoCo Cross Developing with MS Visual Studio Code

I just wanted to post a note here about Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code cross-platform editor. It is available for Windows, Mac and Linux, though I have so-far only used it on Mac and Windows:

It supports extensions and there are several CoCo-related ones available:

  • CoCoTools by Jason Pittman. This provides some level on integration with the Windows-based VCC CoCo emulator, as well as lwasm assembler, Toolshed CoCo disk tools, and cmoc C compiler. I just found this today and have not used it. It says it can do things like RENUM BASIC files, which could be useful.
  • Color BASIC by Tandy. By Tandy, you say? Yes, Tandy UK! This color-codes BASIC program listings. This is what I have been using for my Mac-based BASIC editing.
  • 6809 and 6309 Assembly by Tandy. This one color-codes assembly source.
  • 6×09 Assembly by Blair Leduc. This one also color-codes assembly source.

Visual Studio Code offers some IDE features, allowing extensions to launch compilers/assemblers and even run them. It looks like CoCoTools does this, so I look forward to trying it out soon.

Until next time…

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