Modern ports of CoCo games.


  • 2014/03/08: More games added.
  • 2015/03/20: Added Caladuril Flame of Light (thanks to a comment from Hugo).
  • 2017/01/20: Added Bouncy Ball NG by Lee Patterson.

I previously mentioned that my first home computer was a Commodore VIC-20 in 1982. A year later I would be running a Radio Shack TRS-80 Color Computer (“CoCo”), expanded to 64K by a local Houston CoCo guru named Don Burr. I stuck with that computer (then a CoCo 2, and finally a CoCo 3) and was still using it as a primary machine until around the end of 1995 when I bought my first modern PC laptop (a Toshiba) so I could use the world wide web.

But I digress…

In recent years, it seems several Color Computer programs have been ported or recreated on other systems. I thought it might be fun to share the list I have so far.

  • Airball – an Android port of a game made for the Dragon 32/64.
  • Bedlam, Raakatu, and Pyramid 2000 – these three text adventures were sold on cassette by Radio Shack. Aaron Wolf has ported them to Android in all their green-screen glory.
  • Bouncy Ball – Now available for iOS (iPhones, iPads) and TVOS (AppleTV) as Bouncy Ball NG.
  • Caladuril Flame of Light – This Diecom/Oblique Triad graphical adventure game was ported to the Palm Pilot PDAs.
  • Donut Delima – Nick Marentes’ platform game for the CoCo 1/2 has been ported to the Maximite retro gaming system.
  • Dungeons of Daggorath – the classic ROM Pak has been ported to a Windows PC and PlayStation Portable! (I’m pretty sure I had a Mac version of it at one point, too.)
  • Doubleback – this 1982 ROM Pak game was sold by Radio Shack, and it’s original author, Dale Lear, has just released an iOS version for iPhone and iPad.
  • Module Man – this 1984 platform game by Spectral Associates was released for the European CoCo clone, the Dragon (and the CoCo too?). You can see a video on YouTube of the original. It was ported to the ColecoVision!
  • Zenix3D – an update to the GOSUB Software game Zenix (Jeremy Spiller and Mike Newell) by one of the original authors. (See this video of the original CoCo 3 version.)

Know of any others? Let me know and I will keep updating this page.

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